Press Photography in Kent and the South East

Press Photography in Kent. I have extensive experience in Press Photography and PR photography.

Press photography in Kent. Filing into picture desks while on the go is something that is second nature. While covering your event to supply the press both regional and national with pictures that tell a story. Especially relevant I offer an affordable, creative and efficient service for Press Photography and PR Photography work in Kent and throughout the UK and Northern Europe.

Press Photography | Royal Coverage | Kent

Her Majesty The Queen visiting The Argyll & Sutherlander Highlanders, 5th Battalion, Royal Regiment of Scotland, (5 SCOTS) at Howe Barracks, Canterbury on Friday 28th June.

Most noteworthy over time celebrities, royalty and normal everyday people have been in front of my lens. People do normal everyday things and some that do extra ordinary things.

Press photography

First of all my job is very simple, take some great images that reflect the story or event. In addition my experience enables me to get the images that perhaps others might miss.

I also have a current UK press pass. Furthermore I am a member of the British Press Photographers Association.  Among others I contribute to up and coming news picture agency StockPix and cover the Kent area for United National Photographers (UNP). In conclusion I cover every aspect of Press Photography and PR Photography.

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