The 2017-2018 Football Season, a Retrospective of Sorts

2017-2018 Football Season

As the 2017-2018 Football Season draws to a close with the FA cup Final to be played this coming Saturday, apparently there is a wedding on the same day as well but I don’t know much about that! I thought it might be an opportune time to take a quick look back on a few of my favourites from the 2017-2018 Football Season. A season I might add that I found myself covering on average a game a week. I know this doesn’t actually sound a lot but I also work as a Commercial, Editorial, PR and Press photographer.

So in 8 months the tally is roughly 19 grounds, 54 teams that included everything from a full international friendly all the way down to step 6 and I absolutely loved it! At this point I should thank both Pro Sport Images and The Non league Paper as well as a load of other publications that continued to commission me to head out and work.

Football is such an ethereal thing; filled with passion and commitment. What follows is a selection of my work I personally like. As an aside about 80% of is published.

So I think I’ll divide this into three: Celebrations – The photographers holy grail, Action – in the game it happens and Passion – whats behind the game.

Celebrations – The photographers holy grail

There are is a moment in football that overcomes all else for a photographer, that of the celebration. The moment where everything pales into insignificance. Yes the goal is good and if I’m honest normally happens behind a load of players from where I am sitting. There is something magical about that moment after the goal, the celebration moment when I sometimes think I can see the real player. The elation and sometimes the relief!

2017-2018 Football Season

NOVEMBER 4, 2017: Folkestone Invicta against Dorking Wanderers in Bostik League Premier Division. Where the home side ran out 3 to 1 winners. Fullicks Stadium, England.Folkestones Ade Yusuff celebrates after putting the home side 3 to 1 up from his penalty in the 90th minute.

Its cool isn’t it? However take it from me its the hardest thing to take a photograph of in the game!

Action – in the game, as it happens

Probably the bit that is easiest or is it? many years ago I always remember being told that if its action and the ball isn’t in the frame then don’t bother sending it. Its a mantra I have followed since as everything else can be changed, straightened, made darker\lighter. Sometimes though it doesn’t matter.

2017-2018 Football Season

Third from top Dover Athletic against second from bottom Solihull Moors in Conference Premier at Crabble Stadium in Dover, England. Dover ran out winners by a goal to nothing. Dover’s defender Manny Parry puts Solihulls goal keeper Nathan Vaughan under pressure.

I always find looking at players faces during the action is where the true emotion comes out

Passion – whats behind the game

Its always hard to force yourself to see the game from a slightly different angle, but when you do the rewards are nearly always better than the action itself.

2017-2018 Football Season

Dover’s Manager Chris Kinnear

Managers and fans a like its about the passion!

So when all is said and told do I have a favourite? not really. But, then again a huge amount of my time was spent getting wet and cold covering Dover Athletic and truth be told I have become a fan! So my favourite picture from the past season has to be this one. For me it sums up their season, an inexperienced team thrown together and very nearly did the unthinkable.

2017-2018 Football Season

Dover’s midfielder Nortei Nortey celebrates scoring Dovers first goal late in the first half during the Vanorama National League match between Leyton Orient and Dover Athletic at the Matchroom Stadium, London, England on 18 November 2017

So whatever happens during the impending FA Cup final and the much talked about World Cup 2018 in Russia I will be chomping at the bit to get going again for the new season.

Dover Athletic v Guiseley FC – 27/01/2018

Dover Athletic v Guiseley FC. It is a wet and windy January and high flying Dover Athletic host lowely Guiseley FC in the Vanorama National League. Whats not to like?

Dover Athletic v Guiseley FC

Guiseleys defender Harry Flowers keeps Dover’s midfielder Mitch Brundle from the ball.

Here are a few of my favorites:

Now I’m not one to complain and its great to have a player celebrate right in front of you, but sometimes its too close! I literally couldn’t focus on Mitch Pinnock. I did get up and move back and Mitch Brundle then performed some kind of smack down move on my stool LOL!

Dover Athletic v Guiseley FC

Thanks guys but too close! fail on my behalf!

There is a larger gallery of Dover Athletic v Guiseley FC on my Photoshelter account

Dover Athletic v Eastleigh FC – 11/11/2017

Dover Athletic v Eastleigh FC – 11th November, 2017

As a full time sports photographer I love my job, its particularly enjoyable when its your local football team that is literally meeting the Conference battle head-on. Dover Athletic v Eastleigh FC. Its nearly half way through the season and the Whites are top of the league! and might I add look like they could stay there for sometime. This new Dover team has come together better than most would have dreamt of. Whats probably more inspiring is their goal difference. They are in good company as only a handful of League and Premiership sides have a similar boast.

Top of the table Dover Athletic hosted visitors Eastleigh in Conference Premier at Crabble Stadium in Dover, England. The home side ran out emphatic winners 2-0 to remain at the top of the National League. Here are just a few of my favorites. A full gallery can be found here.

Dover Athletic v Eastleigh FC

Moments before Dover’s forward James Alabi heads the whites first goal.

I do feel that the current run of success to largely due to Chris Kinnear and his ability to build an effective team

Dover Athletic v Eastleigh FC

NOVEMBER 11: Dover’s manager Chris Kinnear looks on as his side retain the top spot.